Welcome to the Brigade's Website!

In this site you will find:-
- information about the Brigade;
- information about protecting your property from fire; and
- how to go about becoming an RFS volunteer.

The fires season is well and truly here! Please remember to exercise care when undertaking tasks that could cause a fire.

Current info concerning the issue of a Fire Permit. 
Current RFS standard on member use of social media.

Local Numeralla Weather

Tasks for the fire season:-

- clear inflammable materials from around
   houses and other structures;

. check water sources; and
. identify evacuation routes & 'neighbourhood safer places'

Numeralla-Countegany Volunteer Bushfire Brigade

Numeralla is a small country town some 25 km east of Cooma NSW.
Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of knowledge that they share to make the Brigade more effective in meeting community needs.

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